Software Asset Management Assurance Service

For many companies, the day to day operation takes all their effort and focus, and the time to think about licensing compliance only comes when something goes wrong. And when something goes wrong, it can go really wrong and become a very expensive exercise.

With roughly 100 pieces of software on every business machine, asset management tools return millions of software results within a company. Almost all companies will use an asset management software tool to capture their software assets but it is well documented that auto discovery tools have proven to be inaccurate when reporting certain software installations.

Quantum Plus has a structured approach to assessing and managing the software licencing audit, compliance, and supporting negotiation which successfully helps our clients remove risk, achieve compliance and in many cases, dramatically reduce software licensing expenditure, allowing them to concentrate on their day to day activities and take away any compliance worries.

Our SAM Assurance service consists of:

SAM consultancy
Asset validation
Global Universal Software Library
Software Organiser licence management tool