Today’s business professionals are faced with a myriad of fast changing technology options; increasingly diverse demands from their business partners; continued focus on managing cost and delivering value; supplier volatility and the emergence of new supply markets for supplier services, to name but a few. The forecast is that most organisations are expected to materially change their sourcing portfolio in the immediate future. Service integration and supplier management have never been so challenging. Today’s world for both IT and BPO management is seriously complex.

Quantum Plus offers our clients the expertise, methodologies, market awareness and rigour of process to ensure that management creates and then deploys the most effective IT and BPO solutions for their business partners. Whenever there’s a debate about the ‘what’, ‘why’ or ‘how’ to achieve optimised services, Quantum Plus can add productive and impartial advice. We work with our clients to:

  • Define strategy
  • Determine options for implementation
  • Analyse risks and opportunities in the business, including the area of M&A transactions
  • Build the business case for change
  • Create the momentum and environment to deliver effective change
  • Ensure that the change programme is managed to deliver not some, but all of the objectives and benefits.

Our approach is always through collaboration with the explicit intention of leaving a legacy that our client can service internally through future iterations and changes.

"With Quantum Plus’s support, the Authority was able to drive through significant savings".

Wiltshire Council