When Two Tribes go to War

  • Published on: 8 November 2017
  • By: Caroline Mitchell

Leading Independent sourcing experts Quantum Plus last week teamed up with the award-winning law firm Berwin Leighton Paisner to share new research and insights into the human mechanisms that lie behind good and bad outsourcing relationships.

Quantum Plus CEO Lauren Tennant presented to an auditorium of attendees from all sides of the fence including the lawyers that are all too often drawn in to settle the wars between two tribes.

Lauren who is currently completing a doctorate in outsourcing relationships presented her research results that were aimed at exposing the hidden risks of outsourcing relationships, their effect on outsourcing outcomes and divulged some industry techniques on how to identify and mitigate them. 

The breakfast seminar was well received by those attending and offered an interactive and inclusive chance to discuss the real opportunities to improve services and efficiencies that outsourcing can offer as well as the common conflicts that occur and the potential causes of relationship breakdown.

Voting using their smart phones an overwhelming 65% of the audience said they were unhappy with their current outsourcing relationships. It is no surprise that Quantum Plus are overwhelmed with clients and suppliers alike calling for help in navigating the complex structures of an outsourcing deal – yet Lauren herself outlines 4 major hygiene factors that if dealt with early enough in the process could prevent sizeable number of issues rearing their ugly heads further down the line.

Lauren’s unique research is ongoing and continues to develop the new thinking she has established around the impact of hygiene factors, hidden factors and leadership in outsourcing. In the meantime, Quantum Plus forge ahead and offer client and supplier services that help get the very best out of outsourcing relationships and harness the full potential of a great deal that is mutually beneficial.