Service Health Check

If you are concerned about the effectiveness of your IT service provision, the need to attain further improvements in the delivery of your current services, or what direction to take as your existing sourcing arrangements approach the end of their term, it can often be beneficial to commission an independent review to assess the current status of your IT service delivery and provide recommendations on future direction.

Quantum Plus can provide a quick and independent assessment of your current IT service arrangements, focusing on five key areas:

  • Governance
  • Relationships
  • Value for money
  • Service quality
  • Risk

This is conducted through a series of structured interviews with key stakeholders, a review of relevant service documentation and an analysis of the relevant IT service contracts.

We will highlight areas for cost savings and where additional value can be derived, identify steps to improve service quality and delivery processes, and recommend how to improve user satisfaction and the long-term relationship with your supplier.

Supplier Relationship Assessment

In a world where technology evolution has never been faster and the demand from the Business to drive value through IT has never been greater, only those with empowered supplier relationships will meet the challenge.

Where once relationships with suppliers were perceived as adversarial and contract driven, deliberately maintained at a distance, the next generation of relationship managers are seeking the benefits of a collaborative approach; leveraging suppliers’ expertise, knowledge and ability to engage in shared risk to achieve competitive advantage across the entire IT supply chain.

Take our simple Supplier Relationship Assessment to receive a free and detailed review to show how your organisation fares against nine key disciplines for effective collaborative supplier management. There is no obligation with this assessment and all the data will remain confidential.

You have the option to complete an individual survey for each of your suppliers or as one blended response across all of your supplier relationships. Each survey should take no more than ten minutes.

Once your Supplier Relationship Assessment has been submitted, your results will be emailed back to you and include a clear view of the current market performance, enabling you to determine your own effectiveness as well as seeing how the broader market is performing. Participation gets you a clear ‘stake in the ground’ in terms of the maturity of your key relationships for effective relationship management. It also gets you insight in to how your maturity compares with the broader IT market.

* We promise to protect your privacy and the information you provide is confidential.
The data that you provide will anonymously contribute to our research so that we are better able to understand the current market to improve our responses to the Assessment.
We will never release your personal information to any third party.